Friday, 5 August 2011

Folksy Friday 5th August: 'Green Door'

I have often thought that if I ever get stuck trying to come up with a theme for Folksy Friday I will refer to my trusty old diary for some inspiration. That time has come!
Each day, my diary features an 'interesting' (some more than others) fact that most of us probably didn't even know about. Some facts are really useful and worth knowing but with some of them you wander where on earth they come from...

Here are some examples for some days in August:

August 6th - American Scientists reveal evidence of ancient life on Mars in meteorite remnants 1996
August 7th - Employment of boy chimney sweeps prohibited 1840
August 28th - Shops open for the first time on Sunday following a change in the Sunday trading laws 1994

So anyway, for today, my diary says: Number one single was 'Green Door' by Shakin Stevens 1981.
For that reason, my Folksy Friday for this week is 'Green Door'. Enjoy! (amazing what you can find on Folksy...).


  1. Brilliant theme, who'd have thought there'd be so many green doors on Folksy!! Takes me back too, my dad loved Shakin Stevens and I was 5 when it was number one! Love the little mushroom house especially.

  2. Great theme this week. The door print does look rather spooky!

  3. Wow, they are all great... Possibly the only Shakin' Stevens inspired blog post EVER! :)


  4. Very clever theme, good choices!

  5. Thank you for including my ceramic beach hut dish in your green door theme! I love all of the other choices.
    Have a great weekend :)

  6. Thanks very much for featuring my beach hut hanging in your Folksy Friday sitting along side all those other lovely items!! xx

  7. Some lovely items and they all look so well crafted

  8. Super picks! And re. Shakin' Stevens...A very good friend of mine pranced around in one of his videos. She's never lived it down! (-;