Sunday, 31 July 2011

Personalised Treasures are on Facebook!

I have finally managed to set up my page on Facebook! Yeahhh!
It is all new to me, so hope I'm doing make sure you follow me to be the first one to hear about new products, updates and giveaways!
Thanks Martina
PS: Any Facebook related advice would be greatly appreciated

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Folksy Friday 29th July: Leopards

I am seriously considering getting a cat! I love all animals but cats and dogs are my favourite. I don't think I'm ready to have a dog just yet but a pussycat would be great. I would love to have one of those 'Whiskas' ones, they are sooo cute:

Anyway, for this week's Folksy Friday I'm looking at much bigger pussycats....Leopards! I have found some amazing creations on Folksy, click on the below images for more details on each item (no real fur was used in creating these!).

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

BLOG GIVEAWAY: Free Personalised jewellery item

 ***Update: this giveaway is now closed***
Here is a new and exciting BLOG GIVEAWAY available to followers of my Personalised Treasures blog (there will be a separate giveaway for Personalised Photo Jewellery blog). You have a chance to win a Free Personalised jewellery item of your choice, up to the value of £16.99. I will select one lucky winner (randomly drawn from a hat!) when I reach 50 followers. The item can be picked from my Folksy shop 'Personalised Treasures' at the end of the competition. You will have the option to add your own name, date or a short message.

The winner will be announced on this blog and the prize must be claimed within 7 days of the announcement.

Here are some examples of items that you may be able to choose (subject to availability at the time):

All you have to do is become my blog follower and spread the word about Personalised Treasures and this giveaway to your own followers. To do this, make a post on your blog (Facebook or other social media) which will include the below text and the below image. Then copy a link to that post in the comment box below for me to see it (or send it to me through my Folksy shop).
Thanks to everyone taking part and good luck! Martina x

Personalised Treasures have launched a Blog Giveaway! One lucky winner will receive
a Free Personalised jewellery item of their choice, up to the value of £16.99, picked from 'Personalised Treasures' Folksy shop. For more details on how to enter, please visit

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

More jewellery making...

You may remember my post about making some lampwork earrings for myself the other day, well I really enjoyed it so I decided to make something similar for my mum. It is her 60th birthday at the end of this month so I thought it would be a nice additional present.

Ideally, I would have liked to use some nice lampwork beads similar to mine but I don't have many of them. I had some blue agate gemstone beads and I wanted to make a necklace and earrings set. My mum normally likes shiny gold or silver jewellery but I really like the 'aged' effect on silver created by oxidising it with liver of sulphur.
So I made a set and it came out really nice but I realised that perhaps I made it to my own taste rather than to my mum's taste and I had a feeling she may not like it. She has quite a traditional taste and like most ladies her age likes flowery patterns and bright shiny jewellery.

So I had to make another set with her taste in mind. I had some lovely pink 'floating flowers' lampwork beads which I knew she would like so I used them and made a very similar set again (I still couldn't resist oxidising it for the less shiny effect!).

Anyway, I think this set is much more her taste and I'm hoping she will like it. And as for the other blue set, that one is now up for sale in my folksy shop.

How exciting...

I have received a lovely parcel this morning, containing a lot of new findings. There are some chains, copper blanks, beads and also a new metal stamp. I am going to be adding a new range of products soon so watch this space! There will be tag necklaces for men, personalised plectrum gifts, copper bracelet for ladies and not forgetting our lovely pets, I will be making some personalised tags for doggies. How exciting...

I love my new heart shaped stamp! The heart is only about 3x3mm and so it's perfect for adding to the stamped letters.  (I should have bought this ages ago...)

Friday, 8 July 2011

Folksy Friday 6th July : Ruby

Ruby is July's birthstone and is a symbol of love, strength, power, and luck. Happy Birthday to you all born in July (my dad's 60th today!). Here are some lovely Ruby (or ruby coloured) handmade items found on Folksy.

Click on the images above for more details.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Just for me!

One problem with making jewellery for other people is that you never seem to have enough time to make something for yourself. So today, I thought I will have a break from making personalised jewellery and make something just for me!

I have always loved silver earrings so I decided to make a pair using some lovely pink lampwork beads that I have had for a while. I used sterling silver wire, beads and some tiny bead caps and oxidised them for a lovely aged effect.

I think the earrings have come out lovely and I'm really pleased that I have managed to treat myself (for a change!). Why don't you the same.
If I had more time I would love to make more earrings like these for my Folksy shop but I can never find the time to do that. I may just try one or two pairs for now. What do you think?

Monday, 4 July 2011

The winner has been announced

The winner of my blog giveaway has now been announced, please read my Personalised Photo Jewellery blog post to find out if you have won.


Martina x

Competition now closed...winner will be announced soon!

Yeeeaaahhh! I have now reached 50 followers (from both of my blogs in total) and so the Silver Necklace Giveaway is now closed. I'm just preparing the tickets (and looking for a suitable hat) and the lucky winner will be announced soon. So watch this space! I'm sooo excited!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Folksy Friday 1st July: More Raspberries...

Following on from my previous post about Raspberry picking and Raspberry muffins, here is a Raspberry themed Folksy Friday:

Click on the images above for more details about each handmade item.