Sunday, 9 October 2011

Latest commission: Stud earrings with words

I have recently been contacted by one of my customer asking for some silver stud earrings personalised with the words LOVE and YOU.
This would involve soldering a post to the back of domed stamped discs. I do not normally do soldering so I have offered my customer my hanging stamped earrings. However she really wanted stud earrings and so I had to refuse this commission.

The same customer contacted me a few weeks later about a personalised keyring and she was still trying to find the earrings and was quite desperate for somebody to make them. After a bit of persuading I agreed to make these soldered earrings (partly because I had a 'quiet' period at the time). I don't much like doing soldering as it involves handling acid (to clean the fire stains) but I thought it would be a nice project for me...

So anyway, here they are, I'm quite pleased with the way they have turned out.

When my customer received her earrings, this is what she sent me:

Oh my giddy flaming aunt, they are perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Just exactly what i wanted! God you little bobby dazzler you! You will go far!!!!! I just LOVE them! Cant wait to go n show hubby!!!! Oh they are just gorgeous! Thankyou sooooooo much!

I think she liked them...

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  1. They look great, I bet you're glad you made them now!