Thursday, 20 October 2011

Time to treat myself (again)…

Every now and then I get this need to treat myself and make a piece of jewellery for ME rather than other people.
My recent soldered stud earrings project (read here) has inspired me to make another soldered, slightly more complicated, piece of personalised jewellery.

I wanted to create something very personal to me with the names of my closest, my little daughter and my husband (so that he doesn’t moan about not having his name included…)
I decided to make a sterling silver heart shape pendant with the 2 names hidden inside. It was a bit more complicated than what I normally do but I have really enjoyed creating this necklace and I’m pleased with the way it turned out.
Here are some progress pictures together with the finished piece. Hope you like it.
I’m not really planning on making this pendant again and adding it to my shop, it was just a treat for myself (although I would probably give in if somebody tried to persuade me to make it for them…)


  1. What a lovely idea and it turned out smashing!

  2. Beautiful! Great finish on the item too x